Netflix has officially announced the start of the shooting in Madrid of ‘1992’

The shooting of the new series, directed by Álex de la Iglesia, will take place in several locations in Seville and Madrid.

Marian Álvarez (“La herida”) Fernando Valdivielso (“Venus”), Paz Vega (“Lucía y el sexo”) and Carlos Santos (“El hombre de las mil caras”),, among other talented actors, lead the cast of this exciting production, that revolves around some mysterious and violent murders. all connected in the most weird and macabre way: the victims are burned, and next to their bodies is found a figurine of Curro, the iconic mascot of the ’92 Seville World Expo.

Álex de la Iglesia, recognized as one of the most influential directors in Spanish cinema, with outstanding modern classics films like“El día de la bestia,” “Los crímenes de Oxford,” and “La comunidad“, ventures into his first foray into the world of Netflix series, alongside Jorge Guerricaechevarría. The script for ‘1992’ has been written by Pablo Tébar and Jorge Valdano, with Álex de la Iglesia himself directing.

SINOPSIS “1992”:

After the mysterious death of her husband in an explosion, Amparo (played by Marian Álvarez) embarks on a quest for answers, relying solely on the help of Richi (portrayed by Fernando Valdivielso), a security guard, former police officer, and an alcoholic. Meanwhile, the murders continue, always with an identical pattern: the victims are found burned alongside a doll of Curro, the iconic mascot of the ’92 Seville Expo.