Esteban, Sarita and Aritz know each other thanks to a common characteristic: They are young and antisocial. Soon, a friendship wrapped around violence, alcohol and drugs develops between them. This downward spiral makes them commit their lives as a revenge towards all those who humiliated them one way or another.

But the limits of violence are exceeded by Aritz, making Esteban and Sarita question everything that is happening to them… Until they are pushed beyond those same limits.


– Producers:
Pokeepsie Films
La Bestia Produce
Nadie es Perfecto

– Director/s:
Zoe Berriatúa

– Scriptwriter:
Zoe Berriatúa

– Photography:
Iván Román

– Casting Direction:
Javier Manrique

– Assembly:
Emilio González

– Sound:
Alex Marais
Sergio de la fuente

– Art Direction:
Itziar Sagasti
Ana Muñoz
Silvia Jalon.

– Special make-up:
Virginia Seguela

– Special effects:
Curro Muñoz


– Actors:
Jorge Clemente
Emilio Palacios
Beatriz Sánchez Medina
Macarena Gómez
Olivia Baglivi
Nacho Coronado
Paula Soldevilla
Roman Rymar
Macarena Gómez