Strange phenomena are taking over the city: traffic jams, crammed hospitals, dogs howling all night long… It’s the lunar eclipse. Its influence also affects a group of friends who are having dinner together just like any other night. Someone suggests doing something different, a game: what would happen if we left our cell phones on the table? Calls, Whatsapps, Facebook… Our whole life at anyone’s reach. An innocent game, or a dangerous proposal? The truth is scary when we have something to hide.


– Producers:
Telecinco Cinema
Nadie es perfecto
Pokeepsie Films
Perfectos desconocidos A.I.E

– Director:
Álex de la Iglesia

– Producers:
Álex de la Iglesia
Ghislain Barrois
Álvaro Augustin
Kiko Martínez
Paloma Molina
Carolina Bang

– Photography::
Ángel Amorós

– Screenwriters::
Jorge Guerricaechevarría
Álex de la Iglesia

– Chief of scenery:
José Luis Arrizabalaga

– Direct sound:
Sergio Burmann

– Sound editing:
David Rodríguez

– Casting Director:
Carmen Utrilla
Margarita Rodríguez

– First Assistant Director:
Pablo Atienza

– Operator assistant:
José Luis Jiménez

– Assembly:
Domingo González

– Camera:
Raúl García

– Music:
Víctor Reyes

– Art Direction:
José Luis Arrizabalaga
Arturo García

– Makeup:
José Quetglas

– Hairdresser:
Bárbara Quero

– Costume Design:
Paola Torres

– Special effects:
Juan Ramón Molina


– Actors:
Belén Rueda
Eduardo Noriega
Dafne Fernandez
Juana Acosta
Ernesto Alterio
Eduard Fernández
Pepón Nieto