Lili and Mateo are a mother and son who have a deeply dependent relationship. They live comfortably in their suffocating reality until one of them is diagnosed with a fatal disease.

The idea that life is going to separate them causes them to develop their darkest and most toxic side.

“La Piedad” speaks of power and submission taken to the extreme; of the capacity and the need of the human being to control his creation, a person or even an entire country. A universal story about how to break away from our roots: to abandon everything to evolve or to save ourselves, knowing that even the darkest thing we leave behind is also within us, in our DNA.


– Producers:

Álex de la Iglesia
Carolina Bang
Antonio Pérez
Florencia Franco
Jimena Monteoliva

– Director/s:

Eduardo Casanova

– Scriptwriter:

Eduardo Casanova

– Photography:

Luis Ángel Pérez

-Production Management

Florencia Franco

– Assembly:

Ángel Pazos

– Music:

Pedro Onetto

– Sound:

Direct Sound: Mar González
Sound Mounting: Mercedes Tennina, Sebastián González
Sound Mixing: Mercedes Tennina, Sebastián González

– Makeup:

Sarai Rodríguez

– Costume Design:

Suevia Sampelayo

–Art Direction:

Melanie Antón

– Special effects

Efectos de Maquillaje: Óscar del Monte
Efectos especiales Digitales: Diego Diéguez


– Casting:

Ángela Molina
Manel Llunell
Ana Polvorosa
Antonio Durán “Morris”
María León
Macarena Gómez
Songa Park
Alberto Jo Lee
Daniel Freire
Meteora Fontana