Sonia is a responsible, organized woman with a strong adherence to rules, meaning she is incapable of improvisation. After five years filled with sacrifices, she has finally finished writing her doctoral thesis. Now, she only has to defend it in front of the committee, her family, and half of Segovia.

The night before the big day, a chance encounter with an old friend leaves her stranded on the street,
without money, without keys, and without a phone. The only person who has a spare set of her keys is
at an electronic music concert on the other side of the city. Sonia, who still believes
in humanity, appeals to the kindness of strangers to help her
get there. However, for some reason, instead of helping her, they lead her into an
endless night of hell, and she is forced to break all those rules she has been
faithfully following for thirty-six years. Now, the new Sonia is willing
to do anything to arrive on time to defend the thesis that has stolen the
best years of her life.


– Film Production Company’s
Chicas del Barroco
Pokeepsie Films
Atresmedia Cine

– Producers:
Álex de la Iglesia
Carolina Bang
Mercedes Gamero

– Executive Producers:
Carolina Bang
Araceli Pérez-Rastrilla
Gemma Vidal

– Director:
Eva Hache

– Screenwriter:
Jelen Morales

– Composer:
Vanessa Garde

– Director of Photography:
Alberto Morago

– Line Producer:
Marta Verdugo

– Production Designer:
Lorena Puerto

– Editor:
Vanessa Marimbert

– Sound:
Juan Borrel

– Sound editor:
David Rodríguez
Candela Palencia

– Make-up Designer:
Daryana Orbegozo

– Hairsylist:
Aída del Bustio

– Costume Designer:
Montse Sancho

– Fx Supervisor:
Juan Ramón Molina

– Vfx Supervisor:
Miguel Costa Templado
Raúl Bernabé



– Cast:
Ana Polvorosa
Goize Blanco
Bàrbara Mestanza
Agustín Jiménez
Aitziber Garmendia
María Lanau
Israel Fritschi