Lucía is a dancer in a techno disco in Madrid. One night, after one of her shows, she steals a duffel bag full of ecstasy pills from the club owner’s locker. Surprised by one of the bouncers, she manages to escape, but is stabbed in the leg. Bleeding profusely and wanting to avoid the hospital, Lucía seeks refuge with her sister and niece, who live on the outskirts of the city in an old apartment building called “Venus”

Soon, Lucía realizes that there is something strange about that place, as well as in the neighbours’ behavior. When her sister disappears one morning, Lucía has no choice but to watch over her niece and protect her from an ancient horror that lurks behind the walls of that cursed place.


– Producers:

Álex de la Iglesia
Carolina Bang

– Director/s:

Jaume Balagueró

– Screenwriters:

Jaume Balagueró
Fernando Navarro

– Photography:

Pablo Rosso

-Production Management

Félix Rodríguez

– Production-Assembly:

Luis de la Madrid

– Music:

Vanessa Garde

– Sound:

Sonido Directo: Mar González

Montaje de Sonido: Laura Díez

Mezclas de Sonido: Laura Díez

– Makeup:

Paloma Lozano

– Costume Design:

Rebeca Durán Estrada

–Art Direction:

Patrick Salvador

– Special effects

Makeup Effects: David Ambit
Physical special effects: Óscar Abades
Digital special effects: Rubén Algarra


– Actors:

Ester Expósito
Ángela Cremonte
Federico Aguado
Fernando Valdivielso
Magüi Mira
Inés Fernández